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‘The Bramble’ – Cocktail Recipe Art

Lately I have been putting a lot of hours into learning how to use the Procreate app and this is one of my first things to come out of it (hooray for Skillshare where I have done most of my learning). Further down the post you can actually see a time lapse of this design… Continue reading ‘The Bramble’ – Cocktail Recipe Art

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Doodles to Improve Drawing Skills

Doodling can be a really fun way to improve your drawing skills. Here are some doodle exercises which if you can do regularly they'll help improve hand steadiness, develop your hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and muscle memory - all great things to work on when you want to improve your drawing skills! Do these exercises… Continue reading Doodles to Improve Drawing Skills

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5 Steps to Choosing Colours for your Project

Choosing the 'right' colours for your art project (whatever project that may be) can sometimes be the hardest part of the project. Sometimes there are no 'right' colours and you are left with too many options to decide between and end up lost in a rainbow coloured limbo... Photo by Tim Arterbury on Unsplash I've… Continue reading 5 Steps to Choosing Colours for your Project

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Birds and Butterflies – pattern design

Over the last week or so I have been working on a new design, you might have noticed my new style that I'm going for in my cycling design. Bright and cheerful and cute! This is for the Spoonflower contest 'animals by air' which is coming up on May 24th. This gorgeous little design is… Continue reading Birds and Butterflies – pattern design

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100 days of doodles 85 -91

Only 8 doodles left until I've reach the big 100!!! I've actually already done them, except the number 100. I feel like I need to do an extra large doodle page for the 100th one and I can't decide what the theme should be...anyway. Here are the doodles for 85-91 85. Celebrate 86. Bunting 87.… Continue reading 100 days of doodles 85 -91

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100 Days of Doodles Days 78 – 84

The doodle ideas this week came from a whole bunch of places. I've been doing a lot of furniture and general 'stuff' up cycling lately (making an under bed storage tray out of an old pallet), 'what's in my bag' actually came from Instagram and I was going to link into the Instagram account I… Continue reading 100 Days of Doodles Days 78 – 84

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Leibster Award

A little while ago Soren and Fox commented on one of my posts nominating me for the Leibster Award - this is awesome and I'm really excited to be involved in this! (Thanks Soren and Fox!). Due to moving house and getting stuck in to my job it's taken me aaaages to actually write it… Continue reading Leibster Award