Chalkboard Style, Design and Doodles, Hand Lettering

‘The Bramble’ – Cocktail Recipe Art

Lately I have been putting a lot of hours into learning how to use the Procreate app and this is one of my first things to come out of it (hooray for Skillshare where I have done most of my learning). Further down the post you can actually see a time lapse of this design being drawn in Procreate using the awesome built in time lapse function.

Here is the finished design on a low-quality image tea-towel mock up (the sizing needs tweaking just a bit more to make it fit better but you get the idea).

The time is fairly large,it took ages to upload here so I hope that doesn’t mean there will be any delays/issues with watching it…if there is let me know in a comment and I’ll see if there’s something I can do to sort it (maybe YouTube?).

Don’t let the time of 1min 44 seconds fool you – the actual time spent in this canvas was nearly 6 hours (yikes). This wasn’t the only canvas I worked on either – due to limitations with layers I did most of the lettering in another canvas, and before this there was the research (obviously researching gin cocktails is essential) and drawing sketches with pencil and paper.

In the video you probably noticed that bit where I dabbled with some colour but then changed my mind… I like the colour but it seemed that there weren’t many sensible places to include it so I went back to classic black and white.

I had been wanting to draw up a cocktail recipe illustration for a while now – I’m so happy with how this turned out I think I feel a whole range coming on! Any suggestions for some super tasty cocktails? This book that one of my favourite people bought for me might have some ideas 😆🥂

If you like this then you should definitely check out my Hello Pumpkin, Baileys hot chocolate design and my Fresh from the Farm design which have a similar chalkboard style vibe going on

Watch this space for the next one – what’s it gonna be…?😆🍹🍾


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